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Feminism and women’s happiness.

Originally posted on Dalrock:

I’m not the first to note that feminism tends to make women unhappy.  For example, many have pointed out that it makes women unhappy by suggesting they arrange their lives in ways less likely to make them happy. Stressing career over family, stressing the need to dominate their husbands, etc.

But feminism also has from its inception been about convincing women that they are terribly unhappy. This is a foundational step for any group wanting to introduce sweeping changes. People won’t accept let alone push for change if they are happy with the status quo.  Feminism wants to keep pushing social change, so they can’t afford to let up on their message to women that unless they are a fool they should be terribly unhappy.

But this blog is about solutions.  Women can be happy.  The patriarchy has merely tricked you into choosing the wrong options.  Therefore, all you…

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Nigerians reject corruption rating, say country deserves worse

  1. A swelling of discontent spread across discussion platforms, online talkrooms and the blogosphere a fortnight ago with many Nigerians dismissing Transparency International’s rating of the country as world’s 35th most corrupt nation.

    The TI’s verdict, those who commented argued, contradicted the stark reality Nigeria faced, and bilked the nation of a topmost position it deserved.

    The 2012 rating came early last Wednesday after mainstream news prints had hit the stands for the day, leaving print readers with no hint of the announcement.

    On the internet, increasingly renowned for news speed and spread, the ranking spurned reactions questioning the indexing.

    In this nation where scandals seem endless, and where culprits hardly get punished, writers scathingly conjectured Nigeria as the ideal first instead of 35th amongst the world’s most fraudulent countries.

    That spot, according to Transparency International’s assessment, is occupied by jointly Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea by with eight points apiece.

  2. Transparency International rating says Nigeria scored 27 points out of a maximum 100 marks to clinch the 139th position out of the 176 countries surveyed for the report.

    It shared that position with Azerbaijan, Kenya, Nepal and Pakistan. Countries such as Togo, Mali, Niger and Benin fared better than Nigeria.

    Nigeria placed 143rd in the 2011 ranking, making it the 37th most corrupt country. It is difficult to say Nigeria has improved in the ranking this year because 182, six more than this year’s, were ranked in 2011.

    This year’s index ranks 176 countries/territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, TI explained in the report.

    The latest index draws on 13 surveys covering expert assessments and surveys of businesspeople.

  3. In diverse of mocking ways, Nigerians complained about Nigeria, as with other world events, being schemed out of a rightful place on the list. Such disapprovals rented majority of the platforms.

    On PREMIUM TIMES pages, nearly all respondents to posts seeking readers’ reactions on our website, Facebook, Twitter, toed same line.

  4. Do you agree with Transparency International that Nigeria is 35th most corrupt nation in the world? Leave your comment below this post. We will republish on our site
  5. The Facebook conversations are shared here.
  6. Suleiman Maina
    I personally agree to disagree with this report ,NIGERIA supposed to be most corrupt country in the whole world.
  7. Alyunus Musa
    Not surprise even if Nigeria is place No.1 most corrupt nation in the world. Though i dont know how corrupt others are but i know Nigeria is very corrupt. May God give our dear Nigeria Leadership in place of Rulership.
  8. Okey Ifeachor
    Corruption is national past time of our leaders and its drumbeat is heard in every segment of our national life. Transparency International is generous by placing Nigeria 35th in the world.
  9. Ameen Musa
    Haba Transparency international! With all this fuel subsidy and electricity issue?? NIGERIA MUST BE THE NO 1 FOR SURE! Check your statistics again
  10. Yakubu Danjuma
    I did no dat transperency international is making mistake despite their justice to d nation dis is just a mistake dey made nigeria is no 1 . Believe me.
  11. Shuayb Saleh
    no it is only the top that is currupt compared to a population of 160 million. majority of Nigerians are not.
  12. Oluseyi Macaulay
    They are perfectly correct with that assertion, The Truth is. Nigerian ranked more in corruption than their ranking. It is impacting negatively on the future of this country. I am afraid it has spread across board and the upcoming Youths have no Hero amongst the Leaders. it is even so bad that they have not seen any good example to emulate. the whole country is enmeshed in the filth and we still pretend to have a Nation. Chinua Achebe would need to write another book when Revolution is has driven all the evil men out of this country to their place. the title of which should be, “There was a country”

  13. Lambert Esene
    Its nt called corruption,its called sharing d national cake.So dat mkes nigeria d 36th country in d world dat shares d national cake.
  14. Aminu Tureta Garba
    capital No cant bleave that there are 34 countries that arecorrupt thjan nigeria Under the leadership of mr shoes less president
  15. Tony Ifeanyi Egwuonye
    Its a very FAT lie. As far as I’m concerned, Nigeria is second to non in terms of corruption. This present government is the most corrupt in the history of this great country. Transparency International most have been bribed with billions of dollars to deceive the world with this fake report.
  16. Umar Muhammad Rabiu Dambatta
    Those 34 Countries that are ahead of Nigeria in terms of coreuption i call them countries of the dead
  17. Yakubu Ladan Ishaleku
    How comes nigeria is 35th, is the numbering in ascending or descending other? They need to clear the air for us, Cos, i doubt if in anyway,there can be any country that is more corrupt than 9ja.
  18. Ladan Kudu
    Nigeria suppose to be the number one country in the world as a most corrupted nation. Because there is no KAI and which resulted into nonchallant atitudes by the public servants in their respective positions
  19. Solomon Amande Sule
    Laoding……my country is corrupt !!!,my country is corrupt !!!,no one will take our place,yeeeeeeeerpiiiiiiiiiii,we are number one,no doubt,most corrupt ,yes,we are number one…………35th is not nijeria,we remain number one…..yesssss
  20. Ahmed Umar Elegu
    Enquiry into d rent oil subsidy n police pension fund alon, is enough parameters for Nigeria to b among d first 5 most corrupt. Any way, Nig might hav bribed…another corruption.. Hahaha
  21. Abimbola Lewis
    I disagree wit dt statistics, Nigeria is no 1, statin 4rm Presidency 2 d least person in govt wit some private sectors.
  22. Oluwole Adebiyi
    Nigeria is not just the 35th in the world in corruption rankings,it’s position is just unequalled and the most corrupt to say the least.I leave you to do the maths.Corruption has been embraced as a lifestyle or culture so to speak and if there was a competition to be held in respect of this,Nigeria would attain the Gold medal in this area.It is just in their DNA and her leaders just don’t give a shit about it!!!
  23. Maina Bura
    Nonono, what yardstick did they used to measure it? they are bias, they denied us our rightful position which is either 1st or 2nd, period.
  24. Bashir Aliyu
    Thus is understatement. Nigeria soppose to be the No 1.’ The kleptocratic Nigeria’.
  25. Holamilekan Chinedu Wasiu
    I wonder how this people use to come about there poll, Nigeria is no 1 in the world, how many country don’t have constant power supply and money is been pump into power sector every year and nothing to show for it
  26. Mustapha Salisu

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Google reads my mails

Google reads my mails

A screenshot of Google dialogue box in my Gmail

I had goose pimples immediately I found out. Google reads my mails. And is most likely reading yours too. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Edo voted in Polling Units that mattered

The Action Congress of Nigeria won the recent governoship election in the state. The party won in all 18 local governments and virtually all the polling units.
Interestingly, they won units where People’s Democratic Party heavy weights voted.
Thiskis how they voted in the polling units that mattered.

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Prayer for Nigeria in distress


All powerful and merciful Father. You are the God of Justice, Love and peace, you rule over all the nations of the earth. Power and might are in your hands and no one can withstand you. We present our country Nigeria before you, we praise and thank you for you are the source of all we have and are.

We are sorry for all the sins we have committed and the good deeds we have failed to do. In your loving forgiveness, keep us safe from the punishments we deserved. Lord, we are weighed down not only by uncertainties but also by moral, economic and political problems. we are weighed down by clueless and inept leaders. Listen to the cries of your people who confidently turn to you.

God of infinite goodness, our strength in adversity, our health in weakness, our comfort in sorrow. Be merciful, to us your people; spare this nation Nigeria from chaos, anarchy and doom. Spare us bad leaders. Bless us with your kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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NLC website hacked over botched Occupy Nigeria protest

NLC hacked Naija Cyber hack

Hackers say labour leaders are traitors

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President Jonathan sends troops after protesters, journalists

  1. The day started with a broadcast by President Jonathan announcing a reduction in gasoline price from N141 to N97 per litre. In the broadcast, as reported by Vanguard below, the president announced that said the price was reduced to pacify angry  Nigerians.

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Subsidy Protest Day 6: Protest Goes Cyber

  1. The morning started with this post by from NaijaCyberHack after they have brought down the website of Federal Ministry of Transport.
  2. We are flooding all the senators private phones with 1 million SMS each. What do you want the message to be? Pls reply. #occupyNigeria
    Fri, Jan 06 2012 05:52:41
  3. Senator David Mark – 08035008888 || BOMB him with calls/Sms. Tell him how you feel. #occupynigeria Read the rest of this entry »

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Subsidy Protest Day Four: Cities Round Up

  1. Kano protesters were inspirational. They slept over at the protest ground but were forcefully evicted by the police at about 2:00am Thursday morning.

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Day Two of Subsidy Removal Protest – Cities Round Up

  1. Day Two of a long drawn protest against government’s withdrawal of subsidy on petrol, protests has sprang up all over the country. So far, one life was lost in Ilorin. 12 were arrested and released in Abuja. This storify offers a round up of protests or plans across the major cities in Nigeria.
    Abuja started with on Monday. There was no protest on Tuesday, but plans a massive protest on Wednesday, involving labor unions.
  2. Abuja had no protest today but tomorrow may have a bigger rally. #Nigeria #Fuelsubsidy
    January 3, 2012 12:22:15 PM EST
  3. Fuel subsidy removal protest Abuja
    January 3, 2012 1:28:36 PM EST
  4. Lokoja links the south to Abuja and had pockets of protests
  5. Protest in different areas of Lokoja against removal of fuel subsidy still ongoing, blocking vehicular traffic. #Nigeria #fuelsubsidy
    January 3, 2012 10:09:27 AM EST

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