2011 Elections: Why we must pick the president of our time in Nigeria

Nuhu Ribadu

Vote Nuhu Ribadu

In countries with proper democracy, presidents are voted in for specific reasons. They are brought in to fix a problem in hand, based on the leaders unique qualities, character and known abilities.

Benjamin Nentanyahu got the job when Israel had financial problems because he is an economic genius and he fixed the country on one hand, while trying to negotiate peace on the other. When Israel had to protect her borders more tightly, they turned to a man who had been a soldier since he was 12; Ariel Sharon. He did the job. Now, in the run up to the 1992 elections, America needed the world to love them after the Gulf World, so they ushered in fine-boy Bill Clinton. He was a charmer, and even found time to fix the economy while sweet-talking the rest of us, promoting world peace and sleeping with White House staff. Americans didn’t care; he was doing his job well. When research showed that oil was depleting, they brought in George Bush Jr. His job was to go wrestle the arabs for more oil control, so Saddam had to fall. Now, to appease the world and get out of trouble, they turned to an internet-savvy, inspirational and not-afarid-to-change-the-world-order leader; Barack Obama. He was the right man for the right job at the right TIME. His job is to plug the waste, end the threat of nuclear warfare, mend the economy and inspire the world with hope. That is his mission.

That the German Chancellor is a woman is no mistake; the country had to move away from the days when the KGB ran the show. Germany is the strongest economy in Europe now because businesses feel freer now that there is less threat of being hassled by old world dogs. Mandela was elected president of South Africa in 1994 at the age of 74. Even though he took the job reluctantly, his goal was clear; steady the ship and lay down strong democratic structures. He was a symbol of unity and now, anybody can hope to be successful there. Crime rate remained high during his single term in office, but that didn’t matter; his job was to make their democracy work.

What About us

What about us?

Now, my dear country Nigeria. We have had the misfortune of having leaders who had no idea what to do with power, other than hold on to it. Guns and money were always the way to go. Obasanjo’s ascension to power in 1999 was the right move; the problem is we failed to define his role. His role should have been to hand us a fit-to-size democracy; our democracy. He should have recognised that the National Assembly we had was not representative of the people and should have allowed the National Conference to hold without his interference and the recommendations adopted. He should have replaced the largely defective 1999 Constitution with a functional, practicable and less expensive one. He didn’t do any of this and his autocratic stance made it look to average Nigerians like democracy was simply an extention of military rule.

All these, in addition to the massive rigging of the 2003 election general election, killed every hope and belief Nigerians had in democracy. Yar’ Adua should have mended this but his election was a fraud, he had no sense of occasion and was too sick to even try. Goodluck is just too dumb to do the needful and is squandering our commonwealth in a futile attempt to look competent. My point is this; because of the failures of our past leaders to strength our democracy and unity, there is a strong need to elect a leader whose job it will be to inspire confidence here and respect abroad. He must be one that the present and future generation will turn to and acknowledge as a deviation from the norm. He must be a president that only got there because the people voted, not because he was lucky or has ruled before; because he was voted.

Only Nuhu Ribadu has these qualities. The international community loves him and he would inspire young people to greatness at home. He would reset the democratic landscape and give power back to the people. He’ll jump-start the economic recovery we seek and the next president will consolidate. He has an integrity to protect, the competence to deliver, the wisdom to lead, the humility to ask for help, the will to follow through and will have the electorate to answer to.

Buhari can’t inspire our generation, the gulf is too wide. For instance, he can’t see the importance of expanding our access to the internet as against building new classrooms. He would rather destroy Computer Village in Ikeja than use those boys to start off a new IT industry. I doubt if he knows his way around a Blackberry and I can bet an Ipad is a bigger mystery. Can you imagine the general sitting down with the Banky Ws and the MIs of this world to find a solution to the problems in the entertainment industry? Fat chance.Let us choose a leader for it’s time, a leader that will give us a reason to stay back home and not relocate to Yankee.

Vote Nuhu Ribadu

Vote Nuhu Ribadu

Vote for competence and integrity. Vote Ribadu/Adeola for President 2011.

A New Nigeria is Possible!

By Gbenga Olorunpomi


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