My Interview With Nigeria’s Cyber Hackactivists – Unedited version

They Hacked NDDC website

1. What inspired your actions? What statement do you want to make with your actions?

You’ll get to know the reasons from the answers given below.

2. How long will this campaign last?


There is no time frame. This is a new era, so we will definitely give the government a chance to get things right. We attack when there’s a need to. The last time we attacked, we protested against the wastage during the Nigeria@50 celebration and now its #OperationSignTheFOIbill.

3. Has any of the government officials tried to reach you?



4. What if the government ignores your actions, will you consider tougher actions like hacking into databases and exposing secret government information.


A time will come when they won’t be able to ignore our actions. We’ll be all over them, eating deep into their hearts, poking at their vulnerabilities, exploiting their weaknesses, haunting them by our increased participation.  Our mode of operation remains unknown. We act ONLY when there is a need to.

5. Do you think hacking down websites will touch the government considering most of these websites are routine and insignificant to the working of these agencies.


Think of this…Is it the “insignificant websites” being hacked that will touch the government OR the fact that an anarchy group which aint ready to carry placards and go round in circles is ready to fight them digitally? Everyone is complaining but how many people are doing something about it? They criticize the government on twitter, facebook, online blogs without the government even getting to read them.

An awareness has to be created and that’s what we are doing digitally.

And it doesn’t just stop at defacing sites…you ever heard of Wikileaks?!

Its all over the News that government websites got attacked because

1.) We are protesting the use of 1bn for a mere inauguration.

2.) We want the FOI – Freedom of Information bill signed into law.

and that itself is embarrassing to a government trying to redeem its image.

If poking at their holes will make them do the people’s mandate, then we shall continue poking them!

Now let’s ask you ‘Did we touch the government?’.

6. What is the structure of your group. Are you an organization or loose string of hackers.


The former. NaijaCyberHactivists is not just an organization with hierarchy and leaders. We operate as Anarchy. And we are not just hackers, we are comprised of people from all works of life digitally fighting a general cause which is “Nigeria’s liberation from Oppression” regardless of where we are based.

7. Do you have friends outside Nigeria aiding your activities? Are you all Nigerians?


Well, that question is too elicit BUT You don’t expect us to go bring ’em Chinese or Iraqis to come fight for our cause. Do you?

We ARE Nigerians and membership aint limited to location.

No one else will create the future we desire for us, our kids & the children unborn if we(Nigerians) don’t step out of our islands of sanity to fix the ills we so often condemn.

Another thing we’ll like to add is “Lots of Hacktivists groups have shown interest in our cause and are ready to support us”.

And understand this, WE ARE NOT ALONE!

8. What efforts are you making to publicize your activities considering you are the first in Nigeria.


We don’t need to publicize our activities. The media houses will.


Our official Twitter account – @NaijaCyberHack



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