IBB or OBJ Who Is A Bigger FOOL? Vote Here



  1. you are right (i mean downright) Qasim. i was really really surprised by what is right now happening between obasanjo and IBB that openly shows that they are all wrong fathers and are not to be trusted again or even to let them the right to lead nigeria.

  2. OBJ is the bigger fool because he sustained the corruption (1976 – 1979) which IBB built upon ( 1983 – 1991) and later perfected by OBJ (1999 – 2007) himself.

    OBJ may argue that he did not prepare when he first came in 1976, but what excuse does he have for all his lawlessness and gangsterism between 1999 to 2007.

    OBJ is one man that squandered the opportunity bestowed on him by The Almighty God to become the new face of the modern Nigeria and indeed the black race. But unfortunately this is a man who has boasted that nothing embarrasses him, otherwise, one would have advised him to keep quite.

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