Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry Statement on Libya – Full Statement

Libyan Rebels rejoicing in Tripoli
It is my honour and privilege this morning to inform you that the fed govt has formally recognized the transitional national council (TNC) of libya as the legitimate representative of the libyan people you all would have been watching closely the unfolding situation in libya.
This is a matter which the international community and the African union have been seized with right from the very beginning. Nigeria, thru the AU and the UN, has been engaged with various processes seeking a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Indeed, as a member of the UN security council, nigeria supported UN security resolution 1973 aimed at providing humanitarian protection to the innocent libyans  in the last 48 hrs, the situation in the country has moved inexorably closer to its denouement. The fed govt is understandably anxious to prevent further loss of lives in libya and therefore urges Muammar Gaddafi to take the part of honour and relinquish power immediately and allow the people of libya to decide the futurte of their country.
Now that the TNC is on the verge of taking full control of the affairs of libya, the fed govt urges the new leaders to be magnanimous in victory and to pursue a policy of “no victor, no vanquished”, a uniquely nigerian model for post-conflict reconciliation and nation-building. When the dust finally settels, the fed govt hopes that the new leaders in libya would also establish an all-inclusive and broad-based administration whose urgent task should be to establish a credible democratic transition to civil rule, as soon as possible

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