Taliban Bomb Stash Blown Up

Taliban Bomb Stash

The Sun in UK today reported that UK soldiers are jubilant after blowing up a Taliban bomb stash hidden in an Afghan desert.

The four tons of ammonium nitrate is the biggest haul yet uncovered in Afghanistan — and would have kept terrorist bomb makers going for years.

the seizure saves hundreds of troops from being killed and maimed by roadside booby traps, the website reported. The seized stash was taken deep into the desert and safely blown up.

The gigantic explosion left a huge crater 33ft across.

Captain Gus Precious, commander of the Sixty Royal Marines from the UK Brigade Reconnaissance Force, confirmed the ingredient — a banned fertilizer — and said: “Its destruction will significantly affect the insurgents’ ability to target Afghan and coalition forces.”

Provincial governor Nazar Ali Wahidy said a “big disaster” had been foiled, adding: “Terrorists wanted to use these explosives in all sorts of attacks.”


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