Senators Rebuke Colleague For Admitting Their Jumbo Pay – Audio

Prof Benedict Ayade (PDP C.River state)

Senator Benedict Ayade is a PDP senator from Cross River state. He is a professor and a first time senator. While arguing a motion on Human trafficking at a senate plenary, he admitted they – senators – receive fat salaries. He was quickly rebuked by his colleagues and was made to withdraw the statement by the senate president, David Mark.

Click the orange button below to listen to the conversations.



  1. Our senators do not like to hear the truth, Professor Benedict Ayade, is right on tract, it is true that the senators sit in the comfortable hollow chamber and recieve fat salaries, while the youth wallow in abject poverty !!!

  2. Senator, you’re spot on! The Holy Book says “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”. Sir, hope we’ll see you touch the lives of teeming youths here in Calabar and in Northern Senatorial District that you represent.

  3. What amazes me is how these people think the majority of the people are all morons who do not have the intellectual capability to understand what is going on.. Do I blame them? No..if they were compelled to make public their earnings inclusive of allowances and all other manner of ridiculous extras…then we would be able to make glaring comparison with what obtains and then decide if it is indeed ‘fat’ or not…. I guess the Prof is not only on his own with ‘fat’ salary, he is also on his own with his concerned talk about Nigerians prefering to take on situations and even die outside, than remain in Nigeria… e go better, abi? I am not so sure it will be in my time…However let my faith not be dampened…With God all things are possible!

  4. I am proud to be associated with this distinguished Senator as we both share a common philosophy, firstly he has shown the other moronic Senator what the true meaning of idiocy is; …. a collective desire by foolish lawmakers living and earning fat salaries in a deprived society yet assume mere passages of laws will transform the society?

  5. The truth is bitter,but it is better said than been ignored.if they have the interest of the masses at heart,the senators should agree with senator Ben Ayade and do justice to their pay by cutting it down drastically,rather than asking for withdrawal of such statement.keep it up SenatorAyade,we are proud of you.

  6. Senator Benedict Ayade,what man who spoke the truth and took the bull by the horn but as we can see Nigerian leaders are the same and with rusty head only think about themselves and has no good plans for the nation,one man among many bad men would not make a difference so if people can reach this good man Senator Benedict Ayade,please kindly tell him to withdrawn from among them so as to keep his name in order,his resignation will make a better name for him rather flocking with them,days of reckoning will soon visit Nigeria and people like this good man are to be at the right hand.Thumbs up Senator Benedict Ayade,I really wish there is a way to meet people like you who have good intention for this nation in heart.

  7. professor Ben Ayade represent my senatorial district, he is one among equals, we ve confidence in him,i just pray he deliver on his campaign promises particularly to de students and not get corrupted by other political office holders to have a change of mind on his campaign promises. we are watching and God is also watching.

  8. kudos prof. we the student of nigeria are solidly behind you. all we need empowerment. we have continue to make progress despite the difficult economic chalenges. with a little empowerment. we will take the bull by the neck.

  9. what Prof. Ben Ayade said is true but him alone can do nothing. Its high time Nigerians should arise against these political arm robbers, to tell them enough is enough.

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