Yerima Explains Why He Could Not Be Prosecuted For Marrying 13 Old Egyptian Girl



Ahmed Sani Yerima and 13 year old Egyptian wife

Many organizations condemned the marriage

Ahmad Sani Yarima, the 51 year old senator who was notorious for marrying 13 year old daughter of his Egyptian driver has said that efforts to prosecute him failed because a section in the Nigerian Constitution protected him.
He said a certain section in the 1999 constitution that bars the Federal Government, the president and legislators from regulating or making legislations on Islamic or Customary marriage shielded him from prosecution.

Rights groups had challenged the former Zamfara State governor over the marriage, with some calling that he should be recalled from the National Assembly, however, suits against the senator has stalled.
“They could not go ahead because our constitution did not give them the leeway,”  Daily Trust reported.
Mr. Yerima said the section proved that what he was being criticized for was not an offence “after all.”
“The Muslims that participated in drafting the constitution did a great service to Islam by including that section,” He said. “By extension, the Child Rights Act and other laws do not affect marriage in Islam. Only Islamic laws (Shari’ah) can regulate marriage in Islam. The constitution has given everyone the freedom of worship, therefore, nobody can say you cannot practice Shari’ah law or live as a Muslim.”


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