Despite Election Promises Nigeria Still Losing N2.5 billion Annually to Indian Medical Tourism

These Nigerians cannot afford medical tourism

These Nigerians cannot afford medical tourism

Good healthcare system was one of the most recurrent election promises of most politicians currently holding offices in Nigeria but months after the 2011 elections, there rarely any signs of sophisticated healthcare system springing up anywhere in the country and a medical tourism expert has this to say in this report by Daily Trust.

Nigeria loses an estimated N2.5 billion annually to medical tourism in India, New Horizon Healthcare Nigeria Limited has said.

The spokesman for the organisation, Mr. Henry Mojekwu told journalists in Lagos that the trend is hugely attributable to India’s infrastructure and technology which is at par with those in the USA, UK and Europe but relatively cheaper.

He noted that when Nigeria had quality hospitals, the country would benefit not only from quality healthcare, but financially.

But he noted that medical travel to India helps to do away with the long waiting lines that patients experience in Nigeria, thus assisting in gaining easy access to timely medical care.

He said it is for this reason of superior health care in India that his firm, a medical tourisms firm, is helping Nigerians have access to quality healthcare services in India.

The centre was in Nigeria to assist Nigerian patients seeking medical care in India locate the right hospital with needed expertise and accommodation to help their situation.


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