President Goodluck Jonathan’s 91 campaign promises – help identify those he has delivered

GEJ made 91 campaign promises, has delivered on any of them?

Between  February and March, 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan, as the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), toured the entire nation on campaign. Each stopover he made, he dropped at least two campaign promises.

National dailies reported them as he unleashed the promises. The International Press Centre (IPC), Lagos-Nigeria, in partnership with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting documented them – 91 of them!

IPC documented the promises under 13 subtitles including infrastructural development, power, economy, energy and gas and security. Others are agriculture, education, women, water resources, mineral resources, national question, reforms and Niger-Delta.

IPC sourced the campaign promises from the February and March 2011 editions of Daily Trust, Champion, Punch, Thisday, Vanguard and The Guardian newspapers; the February and March 2011 editions of The News, Tell and Newswatch magazines; the transcript of Goodluck Jonathan lone TV debate as obtained from the African Independent Television (AIT) and the inaugural Presidential address of Goodluck Jonathan.

The full report is available online at Hard copies of the report are also available at IPC’s office in Lagos but below are the promises tabulated for you to identify those he has delivered.

Infrastructural development
  • To revive  the rail system in the country
  • To complete Lagos to Jebba rail project
  • To intervene and revitalize the moribund Nigeria Machine Tools and other infrastructure owned by the federal government.
  • Government has budgeted N50b for job development and infrastructure
  • To transform all major routes in Damaturu to federal roads
    • To assist in resuscitating all the collapsed industries in Kano state
    • To work towards making Akanu Ibiam airport in Enugu an international airport
    • To seek alternative funding means to repair the Benin-Ore road.
  • To set up a committee to review Federal government landed properties in Lagos, hand over those that should and retain those that should be in possession of the Federal Government.
  • To give Sokoto-Kotangora road unfettered attention
  • To  deliver stable, constant supply of electricity
  • To provide stable power supply by the year 2015 so that small and medium scale industries can thrive again.
  • To ensure that Nigerians do not use generators more than two times in a week
  • To explore the coal deposits in Benue and Kogi states for improved power supply
  • To construct more dams to build more hydro-power stations.
  • To reduce the importation of generators at least 90 percent in the next four years.
  • To raise power generation to about 4,747 megawatts by December 2011
  • To put an end to epileptic power supply in the country just as fuel queues at petrol stations were ended
  • To work with the private sector and all the relevant agencies to stimulate industrial growth”
  • To introduce 5-year term budgeting
  • To diversify the economy
  • To strive to revive the Ajaokuta Steel complex and Itakpe Iron ore company
  • To address the issues of unemployment through diversification of the nation’s economy to that of sustainable agricultural development across the 36 states of federation
  • To reduce production cost by inviting manufacturers of high demand commodities in the country to set up production factories in the country
  • To get industries in Lagos up and running, also bring industries to the Niger Delta
  • To in the next 2 years create 1.5 million jobs
  • To transform the economy within four years
  • To constitute a special committee drawing experts from the MAN, NACCIMA and related bodies as well as key government officials to deliberate regularly on policies that will improve the nation’s economy; committee to be coordinated by the chief economic adviser to the President.
  • To review importation rules and regulations to encourage local manufacturers
  • To create wealth through the transformation   of the economy by intervening in several areas
  • To revitalise all the Federal government properties that have been abandoned in Lagos State, through privatisation in conjunction with the state government.
  • To have a deliberate policy to create jobs by funding SMEs
  • To create an enabling environment for the transformation of the country through the creation of job opportunities for youth and empowerment of the women
  • To deliver Nigeria from poverty, promote agriculture, create employment, create wealth, work on irrigation farming to provide food
Energy & Gas
  • To facilitate the Petroleum Industry Law with emphasis on local content such that jobs are created for Nigerians.
  • To construct 2 world scale petrochemical plants, 2 fertilizer plants and 2 fertilizer blending plants.
  • To make investment under the gas-driven economic roadmap result in foreign direct investment of about $10 billion over the next three years.
  • To establish petrochemical plant around Koko Free Trade Zone in Delta State
  • To build a $3 billion central gas processing facility by 2012 to be sited in Obiaruku Delta State.
  • To attract $25 billion worth of investment into developing the country’s gas infrastructure
  • To in four years, make Nigeria go beyond producing and exporting crude oil to exporting refined petroleum products because Nigeria has no reason to keep importing kerosene
  • To create 600,000 new jobs in the gas industry
  • To boost gas supply from 1.0 billion cubic feet per day to 10 billion cubic feet by the year 2020.
  • To invest in petrol chemicals, mining, research and development
  • To make anyone caught breaching the public peace to face the full wrath of the law.
  • To make sure that no part of the country is allowed to be a sanctuary for criminals anymore be they armed robbers or kidnappers
  • To make a complete transformation of national security architecture
  • To confront headlong ethno-religious violence in the country
  • To ensure there is no sacred cow in the fight against corruption; all crimes will be investigated as security is key.
  • Not to interfere with corruption cases
  • To strengthen EFCC and ICPC to fight crime
  • To eradicate kidnappings impeding entrepreneurship in Eastern Zone
  • To pursue all bombers and terrorists
  • To adopt modern method to tackle the problem of political violence
  • To boost agriculture through irrigation and maximizing vast mineral resources in the country
  • To revive the marketing boards to ensure that farmers are no longer cheated on the sales of their farm products and produce while more silos would be built to help farmers preserve their products
  • To provide farmers with information on agricultural production and move towards mechanized agriculture.
  • To make each state to specialize in two crops; cash and local crop
  • Has earmarked some money to revitalize ailing industries and give loans to framers
    • To emback on irrigation project to boost production; to start two projects in Kwara State
    • To boost farming activities by providing power and water
  • To establish at least one Federal University  in each state of the federation by the end of 2012
  • To improve on hostel facilities across the nation
  • To revamp Almajiri system of education
  • To work towards improving the education sector as a prelude to transforming economy and as means of empowering the people
  • To improve on teaching and learning environment while the new universities are structured
  • To make every Nigerian of school age to have access to education
  • To give 35% of political appointments at both ministerial and ambassadorial levels to women
Water Resources
  • To re-build Ilesa water scheme
  • To  complete Ife/Ijesa dam
  • To provide sufficient water to the people of Taraba;
  • the design work for Mambilla dam has been completed To make dam resuscitation to result in Agric boom, reduce poverty in Taraba state
Mineral Resources
  • To ensure that Hydro carbon deposits in some parts of the North are fully exploited
  • To revamp mining activities in Jos, Plateau State
    • To make solid mineral key revenue source in Nigeria
National Question
  • To not discriminate based on ethnicity or religion
  • To run an all inclusive government without discrimination
  • To conduct a  free and fair election
  • To run an open government
  • To stand for national unity and wealth creation
  • To make Nigeria a single indivisible entity and bring development  to every part of the country
  • To compensate communities affected by dam construction in Niger state
  • To fight corruption regardless of the position of the person involved”
  • To commit to politics without bitterness.
  • To build a new economy that is strong and dynamic and underpinned by a patriotic work ethic’; to run a government that is committed to fairness, equity and justice for all.
  • To reform and ensure that the Customs conform to global practices
  • To facilitate a bill to National Assembly to give constitutional backing to traditional rulers as custodians of the traditions and customs of the people
  • To make the new tax policy to address the multiple taxation and related issues and make it become a thing of the past
  • To lead by example; strengthen the anti-graft agencies, not interfere and give free hand on all matters of investigation against any government official.
  • To build a new economy that is strong and dynamic and underpinned by a patriotic work ethic’.
  • To continue to run a government that is committed to fairness, equity and justice for all.
Niger Delta
  • To put in place a four-year development plan for the Niger Delta region that will create coastal roads, railways and mechanised agriculture and look for ways of exporting our produce; set up committees on their execution.
  • To work together with the Cross River State Government to make sure Tinapa is vibrant and productive.
  • To ensure that the National Boundary Development  Agencies are funded to tackle the challenges that arose out of the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroun
  •  To bring investors to establish petrochemical industries in Niger Delta



  1. This guy has been there for barely one year. All these distractions are mischievious.
    Surely, he cannot reverse in one year the rot that has been in the system 50 years running..
    Or are all these rantings just because he comes from a minority tribe, and not your usual corrupt leader from a major tribe who have looted Nigeria since Independence without anybody complaining?
    One is beginning to think that they are the ones sponsoring sedition across the land because they lost the popular vote..

    1. Ubong, GEJ has gone half way into his term… Do you still think it is premature to ask whether or not he is on track with these 91 campaign promises? Hmmm… Should we remain mute because our president is not from the ‘majority tribe’ as you said?

  2. We are keeping track of all these to see how much gets done.
    We will also appreciate comments and ratings from everyone going through areas where these promises are being executed.
    Submit entries on the link above ie

  3. There are substantial road repairs going on South West. I travel the Lagos – Omu Aran Road regularly and am seeing repairs carried out on the Gbongan-Osogbo Road, Osogbo-Offa (and all the towns in between. Ikirun, Okuku etc)

  4. How i wish that Mr. President could remenber just 2 of this,Nigeria will have be better. Nigerians,pls keep praying 4 him.

  5. I can tell you from the trend and look of thing that President Jonathan will end his first tenure without achieving up to 8% of all these campaign promises. That is why unemployment, insecurity and corruption have reached the ZEST (melting point) in Nigeria. The truth is that Mr. President is being installed by someone whom he is loyal to at the detriment of the Nigerian people who have lost confidence and hope in his governance. TILL TODAY GENERATOR BUSINESS IS STRIVING HOT and I personally watched his democracy broadcast with a generator and even this comment is possible cos of generator.

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