Obama Threatens Nigeria over Anti Gay Rights law

gay right

Nigeria need no gays

After Ndidi Okereke former DG of Nigeria Stock Exchange organized funds from Nigerians to support Barrack Obama’s election in USA, he is now paying us back by trying to force homosexuality down on us.

A memo from Obams’s office has him saying his administration will weigh how countries treat gays and lesbians in making decisions about foreign aid.

“We are not talking about cutting aid or tying aid, but we are talking about using all of our tools, including assistance, to translate our principles into action,” Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said.

Nigeria’s stands on gay rights are clear – we don’t want gays in our society and I think the western nations should respect that. Its our right to say we don’t want gays and trying to cajole us into accepting is an infringement on our national right.

For all I care, they should keep all their aids. If not for our greedy NGO’s and politicians, we have enough wealth in Nigeria to go round.

Lastly, Obama can grant all the Nigerian gays asylum in America and be careful of attracting more hate for the West.

Read Obama’s story on Bloomberg



  1. obama want infringe on your national right when you already infringe on your citizens right .there are millions of gays in nigeria and bi sexuals in nigeria ranging from formal vice president Atiku .and the 14years jail would surely start from them on the top hhahahahah

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