Anonymous Group Leak Soft Copy of Segun Adenyi’s New Book

Power politics and Death

The group says it is in public interest that every one reads the book, free of charge

In the spirit of FOI, an Anonymous Nigerian group has made the Word Version of Segun Adeniyi’s book “Power Politics & Death” available online, free of charge.

The Group claims Adeniyi’s account of events in Aso Rock during his stay their as documented in the Book is in the public interest. They said the information in it belongs to all Nigerians since Aso-Rock – source of the information – is “a place belonging to the Nigerian people.”

“Therefore copyright of events belong to the Nigerian people and they should be able to read the book without paying since Mr Adeniyi was rewarded handsomely whilst serving President Yar’Adua by Nigerian tax payers.” the group argued.

They urged Nigerians not to buy the book but send e mails Email address and word version of the book would be made available for free. Group is also urging Nigerians to forward same to as many Nigerians as possible.

I have a copy. It looks like the original text, in Microsoft Word but due to copy right reasons, I cannot share it here.



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