Kano Finds Religious Unity In Subsidy Protest

  1. The city of Kano OFFICIALLY OCCUPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 12:39:29
  2. [PHOTO] THIS IS BIG! Policemen keeping protesters in check in #Kano this afternoon. http://t.co/vvEYa4WD #occupynigeria
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:07:47
  3. The protest brings a strange religious unity to Kano residents.
  4. In kano a covenant has just been announced by the protest leaders that the muslim protesters shall protect all non-muslims and escort them to their places of worship and vice-versa. They vowed to resist any attempt to use religion to divide them. A register has just been opened. The police are behaving well. Pls share
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:13:29
  5. In this picture, Christians are seen providing peripheral security to the Muslim protesters as they prayed in front of a police van. 
  6. Kano!! The muslims saying their prayers as the christians stand guard #occupyNigeria #fuelsubsidy http://t.co/xS4bwqSP
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:07:47
  7. Wow! The Christians protected the Muslims while they prayed in Kano… I’m humbled.
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 12:39:33
  8. Kano Christains surround Kano Moslems as a form of protection as they pray #occupyNigeria #ajstream #fuelsubsidyremoval protest!
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 12:34:44
  9. MUSLIMS In Kano Swore To Protect CHRISTIANS As They Prayed Together During The Protest #OccupyNigeria.
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 13:01:35
  10. Police harassment has been always been a problem in Nigeria. The situation is worse for the raging protests. On Day two of the protest, one protester was shot dead by the police in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state.

     In Abuja, on the first day of protests, 12 protesters were arrested and branded criminals. In Kano, the harassment continued. 
  11. Police arrests several youth and about 7 journalist in #Kano student protest. #occupynigeria
    Tue, Jan 03 2012 06:52:39
  12. The protesters accused the government of insensitivity
  13. Protest currently going on in Kano #occupynigeria #fuelsubsidy @omojuwa http://t.co/R4iBWPN3
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:07:47
  14. As night falls, protesters resolved to occupy where they now call “Liberation Square.” 
  15. Flash! Photo! Kano protesters at newly named “Kano liberation sq” They vow to continue protest. #occupynigeria
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 12:43:12
  16. kano making history respect to d ppl of kano spending d nyt outside in protest…..#occupynigeria
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 13:11:24
  17. Northern brodas (Kano) are settin d pace already, all nite protest. This is good. GEJ, Okonjo n Sanusi should hv a re-think nw.
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 13:01:02
  18. Pics of #occupyNigeria from Kano http://t.co/r7RnzPwK
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:07:47
  19. Spending the night at the protest ground is historical and hailed by other protesters in other parts of the nation.
  20. Successful protest in Kano. Succeeded in stopping hoodlums from taking advantage of it. Kudos to Students of Bayero University Kano and Kano State Polytechnic. Its been a fastastic outing so far. Policemen were also cooperative and mature. I guess they are realizing the 1 billion naira voted for GEJ to feed will not feed their families.
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 07:29:24
  21. Shout out 2 all kano peeps 4 dia resolve. We in lagos nid 2 emulate dem and do the egyptian style protest. #OCCUPYNIGERIA
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 13:18:57
  22. Just as everyone was thinking Lagos protest was the mother-of-all, protesters in Kano are making history. #OccupyNigeria #fuelsubsidy
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 12:44:35
  23. The labour minister, Emeka Wogu, had earlier dismissed protesters as “hoodlums” and ignoramuses as reported by Premium Times.
  24. Audio: Labour Minister refers to protesters as hoodlums and ignoramuses premiumtimesng.com/index.p…
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 14:07:47
  25. This protester lays down his life.
  26. My Name is Yadoma Mandara,if they shoot me on Friday..Pls do not stop protesting #OccupyNigeria #Kaduna #Abuja #Kano #Everywhere
    Tue, Jan 03 2012 10:37:29


  1. There should be no more ethnic, tribal or religious war in Nigeria. Hardly do you not see an Igbo man married to an Hausa or Yoruba woman today. Muslims and Christians do inter marry these days. Friendship in modern Nigeria cuts across tribal,ethnic and religious differences. The war should be against the 1% in Nigeria. If GEJ is sincere why not appoint Tam David-West, Minister for Pertroleum and let him (TDW) perform as he did durng Buhari adminstration, when there was not a single Petrol/Fuel importer and yet there was never a fuel scarcity or high fuel price. Govt. did not import fuel then even when consumption went up.It was a such of “I’ll give you corn/maize and you’ll give me corn flour or akamu/eko or beans and I’ll get back akara or moin moin.

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