Nigerian Government Sustain Brutal Crackdown On Subsidy Protesters

  1. Muyideen Mustapha was killed by police bullets in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state, on the second day of protests.
  2. muyideen mustafa, a protester killed in Ilorin today.see d pix
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:49:34
  3. Flash! Photo- Nigerian Police Open Fire on Protester. ILORIN-NIGERIA ONE PROTESTER SHOT DEAD! Occupy Lagos begins..
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:49:34
  4. In the early hours of Thursday, at about 1:45 am, sit-in protesters in Kano who had occupied the Silver Jubilee Square – where the protesters named Liberation Square – in the city were violently disparsed by police using tear gas.
    The police officers fired tear gas and beat protesters to force them out of a square they had occupied in in protest over soaring fuel prices. 
  5. Nigerian police are accused of using teargas to disperse a group of activists who had tried to occupy part of Kano overnight #fuelsubsidy
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 04:44:58
  6. Its 2:35 am, we’r still battling, fighting them back at kano. Liberation SQ
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 20:37:57
  7. Eye witnesses claim about 300 protesters were injured in the midnight attack. 17 were arrested and later released but no death was recorded.
  8. @dawisu: A total of 17ppl were detained by d police from the kano protests but av all been released as at 6am ths mrng!No death
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 04:23:13
  9. No life was lost in the midnight (around 1:30am) police attack on the peaceful protesters in #Kano, some protesters were actually injured.
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:55:57
  10. The protesters tried to regroup but the police sustained their crackdown ensuring complete dispersal of the protesters. However, the protesters have vowed to continue.
    The governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwaso, had reportedly warned that he would not allow any protest against the policy in the state.

  11. The Nigerian Police are still following the #Kano Protesters to Sabuwar Kofa firing tear gas and shooting randomly. #occupynigeria
    Wed, Jan 04 2012 20:38:17
  12. Police Watching us on Audu Bako way, Kano
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:49:34
  13. In Ado Ekiti, the capital city of Ekiti state, it was a joint sqaud of armed mobile police and officers of the State Security Service (SSS) that disparsed protester who were gathering on Thursday morning to kick off protests.

  14. Combine police and SSS, today, dispersed protesters in Ado-Ekiti. #occupynigeria
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 03:29:14
  15. So I just left SSS office in Ado-Ekiti. Director says it’s all over the internet that u and @elrufai are the arrowheads of these protests.
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 03:07:50
  16. This Video shows the police brutalizing a protester in Lagos.
  17. #OccupyLagos protester being beaten 2
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 06:59:33
  18. The labour minister, Emeka Wogu, claimed protesters were hoodlums as reported by Premium Times.
  19. Since the first day of protest, many protesters have been arrested and brutalized.
  20. Eight were arrested in Ilorin, the capital of kwara state, after one was killed.
  21. Protesters surrounds a police truck with armed officers. #occupyNigeria #Lagos
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:49:34
  22. Police at Ojota/Ogudu junction in #Lagos. Offered to get water but senior officer …
    Thu, Jan 05 2012 05:49:34

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