#OccupyNigeria protester, Ademola Aderinde, murdered in Lagos

  1. Late Ademola, before the protest day.
  2. RIP Ademola aderinde http://t.co/xnR7JcIr
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  3. In this picture, Ademola is seen, surrounded by four police officers, in an altercation with the police officers.
  4. Victor okafor the DPO of pen cinema police station shot ademola aderinde dead@ogba pls re-broadcast http://t.co/V1ECUDgI
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  5. He was over-powered and made to sit on the floor as seen in the image below. One of the police officers charged at onlookers who wanted to rescue Ademola – in green shirt. While the mobile police officer dragged him, by the shirt, the third seemingly passed judgement on him.
  6. Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:28:08
  7. As if decided, the three police officers in this picture pounced on Ademola simultenously. Two still armed with live ammunition.
  8. Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:28:08
  9. Next, Ademola is dead. He was shot in his laps from where he bled to death. The police left the scene too. We can’t show pictures because it is gross.
  10. Ademola’s corpse is wheeled to a morgue in a cart.
  11. Remains of Protester shot dead by police named as Ademola Aderinto. shot by Police at Ogba,Lagos.Nigeria http://t.co/YgiX1A5t
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  12. The police commissioner, however, have issued orders for the arrest of, Segun Fabunmi, the police officer who pulled the trigger that killed Ademola.
  13. Lagos police confirms arrest of DPO accused of killing protester premiumtimesng.com
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:55:46
  14. Nigerian police officers are brutal, hardly trained on human rights and regarded as the most corrupt in the country. They have poor crowd control techniques and usually quell protests with live bullets. On Monday, 11 protesters were allegedly killed by the police. Two in Lagos, six in Maiduguri, and two in Kano, bringing the number of protesters killed by the police since protests started on January 2 to 13.
  15. One of the victims killed by the in Kano was shot in the abdomen.
  16. A protester shot by d police in Kano. http://t.co/PYYgLcg6
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  17. A victim of human rights violation shot dead by police gunmen @Kano,Nigeria during the anti oil subsidy removal pr http://twitpic.com/85aux5
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 12:06:10
  18. Police from the government house shoot 15year old protester dead in #Kano #occupyNigeria
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 06:45:53
  19. These victims in the pictures below are few of the severally injured protesters by police bullets in Kano on Monday.
  20. @elrufai. Curfew were impose in Kano 4rm 6pm to 8am while some were shot by police receiving tratmnt http://yfrog.com/ki5d5yej
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:57:58
  21. More Victims Pic #Kano : @eggheader @elrufai @ogundamisi @kunledee @ged @PremiumTimesng http://t.co/eRaCPpMP
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  22. Police from the government house shoot 15year old protester dead in #Kano #occupyNigeria
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 06:45:53
  23. BREAKING: A night-time curfew for the northern city of #Kano after clashes between police and protesters in #Nigeria – Sources
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 11:41:14
  24. More protesters were reportedly killed in Maiduguri north east Nigeria.
  25. BREAKING: Jonathan’s police has killed 3 protesters in Lagos and 6 in Maiduguri today #OccupyNigeria – NLC
    President says.”
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 10:03:14
  26. In this video shot by Aljazeera in 2009, police officers are seen summarily executing men thought to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram. Till date, no police officer has been reprimanded for this shooting.
  27. Nigeria security forces kill ‘unarmed civilians’
    Tue, Feb 09 2010 09:59:53


  1. Its a shame on the president and his chain of inexperienced security outfit called the nigerian police force.Jonathan used you to unleash terror on your fellow brothers.you are being used as slaves in your own country.shame on the entire police structure in Nigeria.the innocent blood you shed will be revisited on members of your family.you have murdered sleep.you shall not rest until the death is avenged on members of your family.

  2. I hope Nigerians can now see that a Minority President can never be trusted.He made a fool of some unsuspecting illiterates and literates among with his infamous “I had no shoes”tune which set their feet on the dance floor till they all got high and were raped politically only for them to wake up in tears.too late to cry!

  3. Obasanjo brought this calamity on us.First he imposed on us although a sincere leader but a sickler and now Mr “I had no shoes”(in quote)but a killer.can someone help me ask the stupid old aremu what has nigerians done to him that affected him so much that he decided to purnish us this far?He is the master gamer.
    But let me tell you sir,in case you don’t know,you are moving towards your grave.you will leave children behind.your deeds be it good or bad will be revisited on them.Above all,posterity will never forgive you in life and in death.shameless baboon!

  4. It is such a shame to see the disregard the Nigerian police generally has for life. These young people were in a ‘peaceful demonstration’ of patriotism standing up and coming out to #OccupyNigeria. What message will now be passed on to our youths? They are coming out to get involved in an issue that is dear to their hearts and this is the result? How then does the government expect full involvement in the future when our safety is not guaranteed. Forget GEJ at this point, didn’t the police officer have a conscience? Its just sad to see the state of things in this nation … very heartbreaking.

  5. We can’t remain like this. We need change. We must change. The whole systems one big mess that needs flushing. Murdering a human being for protesting; what sort of beastly act is that !

  6. No government in nigeria they are all fool people moreover shame on you police remember you all have family brothers and sisters and children wife mother father.. before you do anything bad always remember that the revenge is coming to your family any police tht kill fellow nigerian citizen because some idiot that called themself government supply you police uniform to be police and you now using the advantage to kill your fellow nigerian God will destroy you all and your family even your great great great generation …. God will revenge in all of you that involve in killing disgrace police poor people that don`t think empty brain… Backward country… They make emty and unexpose and blind man as their president you all fool

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