Why I agreed to serve in President Jonathan’s government – Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu accepts PTF job

I was greeted to numerous calls and mail yesterday when the administration announced my name as Chairman of the 21-man Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.

Given my recent political pedigree, many inquirers naturally wanted to understand what was happening, and whether it was true that I was consulted and whether I would accept the offer.

The history of my life is a history of public service, and if we cast a honest gaze back to the recent protests in the wake of the oil subsidy removal, it will be clear to all that the biggest single victory Nigerians scored was to put the question of corruption squarely back on the top of our national policy agenda.

Regardless of our affiliations, our differences, and our engagements, it is at least safe to say that we have a national consensus on the deadly impact of corruption on our march to greatness, and on the capacity of our people, particularly the youth, to earn a decent, promising, life.

If we would effectively isolate and defeat this scourge therefore, we must all see it as a preeminent national security threat. We must see it as a war within our borders, a war that has assumed a systemic and endemic character, but to which all must now urgently enlist with our different capacities, or accept to all go down with the ship.

At this point in my life, it is also easy to answer the honest question if it is inappropriate to invest my modest talents and capacities to my country what I have readily offered many foreign communities, from sister nations in Africa to far flung places like Afghanistan. This, if nothing, makes my decision very personal, freeing all affiliations [social and political] of complicity, but investing the decision also with the unique character that when people reach evaluations in favour of their larger communities, it doesn’t necessarily blemish their moral identity.

This therefore is a national call.  In answering it, I go back to the template of my own parents who taught me that honest public service is the greatest asset a person can offer his community. It was the same lesson I learnt from his biographical example when my own father returned home as a federal legislator in Lagos to take job as a local council official in Yola—its all about the community, and it is sometimes bigger than our personal egos.







  1. Hope u ‘ll take sincerity as ur watch word and alway remember that, a day is coming which we will all account for our did(s).

  2. Sir, with the greatest respect I think you got it all wrong. When you squared up against this anti- people government did you do that to register your name in the annals of history as an aspirant to the exalted office or you did it for principle. GEJ now is worse than the one sold to Nigerians in April last year. What do you think you can do. Have you read the terms of the committee? You just committed sucide

  3. Even if Nuhu’s justification for agreeing to serve in this administration is genuine, reasons to disbelieve him (going by his political antecedents) wouldn’t be farfetched. Recall the numerous allegations surrounding his presidential contest… Some even said he was paid to detract or cause a divide in the number of expected votes in the north. His immediate proclamation in support of GEJ’s victory at the polls couldn’t be forgotten by most of those who suspected a foul play. The question is, could Nuhu Ribadu truly be HUNGRY for national assignment as many opined? The aforementioned notwithstanding, honest people must accept to serve the nation with a view to mend our past errors.

  4. That is the spirit, this are the kind of men we need in Nigeria, not self exalted, selvish and egocentric Know-it-all fellas. thank you Ribadu for your selfless service to your fatherland.

  5. I will advice him to help the poor nigerians n fish out bad people in petroleum sector,Almight allah will help him.

    1. lets countinue prayin 4 him 2 focus on wat he ask 2 do 4 better nigerian, nuhu ribadu GOD HELP YOU i know u can do it better bcos u have done it b4 were u deal wit many political thiefs who stole our resources 2 hide in dia pocket 4 dem 2 enjoys dem self n dia familly, based on this efford u made i think we can,t 4get u in d history of our country ur among those who save nigeria n nigerian property GOD bless u n reward u abundance 4 ur good did done 2 nation.

  6. nuhu was sponsored by gej 2 split northern votes 2 create chance 4 gud luck 2 win election n he won he emerge as a president of d fed republic of nig, now ribadu was rewarded by gej since he deceived his fellow northerners, ribadu,s contest under ac was untrue rather 2 deceive his own brothers n sisters uncles n d rest just 2 create chances 4 southern product 2 live in villa but we shall meet here after were he must pay 4 it.

  7. but actually nuhu is a nice man he,s dedicated he,s articulated 2 d yans n aspiration of d masses, he has done better in d passed n i know he,ll do much more better bcos he,sGOD fearing MAY ALLAH HELP HIM N GIVE HIM D COURAGE TO SERVE HIS COUNTRY WELL.

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