How Edo voted in Polling Units that mattered

The Action Congress of Nigeria won the recent governoship election in the state. The party won in all 18 local governments and virtually all the polling units.
Interestingly, they won units where People’s Democratic Party heavy weights voted.
Thiskis how they voted in the polling units that mattered.

In Fugar, Etsako Central Local Government Area, ACN won the results so far released. In Ward 2, Unit 7 ACN won by 169 to PDP’s 129. Ward 2 Unit 7 is the ward of Chief Mike Oghiadomhe, Chief of Staff to the President.
In Ward 2, Unit 8 in Fugar, ACN won by 141 to PDP’s 87 votes. In Ward 2, Unit 1, ACN got 133 votes while PDP got 96 votes.
In Adohan, Orhiomwon Local Government, ACN won by 259 votes to PDPs 44 votes. At Idunokhoi, also in the same Local Government, ACN won by 171 to PDP’s 39 votes.
At Orhiomwhon, Urhonigbe North, Polling Unit 7, ACN polled 116, PDP 36, at Ward 04, ACN 117, PDP 27. At Okhwae, ACN polled 221, PDP 71.
At Umuakpe in Oredo Local Government Area, ACN polled 173 to PDPs 20.
In Ozalla, Owan West Local Government Area, ACN won all the units of Ward 1 with total of 1137 for ACN and 599 for PDP. Jubilations akin to a festivity now ongoing at Ozalla.
At Okada Grammar School, ACN won by 265 to PDPs 62
At Eweka primary School at Egor local Government, ACN polled 300 to PDPs 17; at the Oba Market in Oredo ACN polled 404 to PDPs 54.
At the S&T in Egor Local Government, ACN polled 200 to PDPs 25.
The Ward 6, the total sum of Units 1 to 10 in Niger College, Ikpoba Okha LG indicates that ACN won by 1575 to PDPs 54.
In Ovia North East, Ward 1, Unit 3: ACN 256, PDP 52.
Etasko east ward 10 unit 1: ACN 400, PDP 28.
Egor, Unit 11, Ward 9 ACN 75, PDP 9; Ovia North East, ACN 149, PDP 12; Gapiona Oredo Local Government, ACN 897, PDP 10.
Ugonoba Orhiomwon LG, ACN 293, PDP 82
Egor Ward 3 unit 18 ACN 367, PDP 9; Unit 19 ACN 339, PDP 14
Ayua Etsako West Ward 9, Unit 13; ACN 494, PDP 51; Unit 14 ACN 767, PDP 15
Ekpoma, Unit 7, ACN 144, PDP 122; Unit 8 ACN 118, PDP 130; Unit 9 ACN 148, PDP 142; Unit 10 ACN 147, PDP 126 total ACN 557, PDP 520
Ugonoba in Orhiomwon LG, ACN 293, PDP 82 EZOMO PRY SCH OREDO WARD 3 UNIT 8, ACN – 183, PDP – 30, CPC – 5
UNIT 9, ACN – 202, PDP – 55, CPC – 1; UNIT 10, ACN – 192, PDP – 31
Ward 4, Oredo. ACN 388, PDP 54; Oreoghene pry School, ACN 915, PDP 80.
Ovioghe pry school, PDP 19, CAN 681
Ugbiyoko pry School, ACN 429, PDP 32.
Payne Primary School, ACN 1284, PDP 172
Idia College, ACN 7923, PDP 262
Emotan College, ACN 7263, PDP 169
Egor Ward 1, Unit 1 ACN 365, PDP 24; Ward 5, Unit 1, ACN 408, PDP 46
Egor Ward 7, ACN 4799, PDP 399
Total votes OREDO WARD 4 PDP 437 Action Congress of Nigeria 4317
The final results

In the result announced by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin, Osayuki Oshodin, who was the returning officer, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole polled a total of 477,478 votes, or 73.72 per cent of 647,698 total votes cast , winning in all the 18 Local Government Areas of the state.

His closest rival, Charles Airhiarvbere of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) polled 144,235 votes, or 22.27 per cent of total votes, while the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP)candidate, Solomon Edebiri, got 3,642 votes, and Izevbuwa Roland of the Congress for Political Change (CPC), received 2,792 votes, or 0.43 per cent of the total votes,

Other results include that of Frank Ukonga of the Social Democratic Mega party (SDMP), who got 807 votes, or 0.56 per cent of total votes; Andrew Igwemoh of the Labour Party (LP), 604, or 0.09 per cent, and Paul Orumwense of the National Conscience Party (NCP), 504 votes, or 0.08 per cent.




  1. it is clear dat oshio baba is truely a man of d people,he deserv wht he has gotten and i pray dat God shud gv u him d gud hearth to tak edo to d next level.

  2. He shud look forward in selectin people lik his kind to b fix in d next comin local govt election,not dos criminals who marginalize his people but ar now claiming to b d best in etsako central.

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