Nigerian Journalists and ‘Brown Envelopes’ By Elor Nkereuwem

Journalism Statue in Edo state press centre

A critical look at the conduct of the Nigerian journalist (more…)


What’s next for NEXT

By Olatunji Dare

The boldest and most ambitious experiment in Nigerian journalism since the founding of The Guardian in 1983 ended three weeks ago after a run of nearly three years.

And what a run it was!

Its very name, 234NEXT, signalled a departure from the ho-hum titles of newspapers, not just in Nigeria, but worldwide. The prefix, by the way, is the international dialing code for Nigeria.



Why I agreed to serve in President Jonathan’s government – Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu accepts PTF job

I was greeted to numerous calls and mail yesterday when the administration announced my name as Chairman of the 21-man Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force.

Given my recent political pedigree, many inquirers naturally wanted to understand what was happening, and whether it was true that I was consulted and whether I would accept the offer. (more…)

Nigerians Third Top Tweeters in Africa, How Africa Tweets Reveals – New Research


South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are most active tweeting countries in Africa

South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco lead Tweeting on the continent

Young people Tweeting from mobile devices are driving the growth of Twitter in Africa, according to How Africa Tweets, new research launched by Portland in Nairobi today.

In the first ever attempt to comprehensively map the use of Twitter in Africa, Portland and Tweetminster analysed over 11.5 million geo-located Tweets originating on the continent during the last three months of 2011. This pan-African analysis of Twitter traffic was complemented by a survey of 500 of Africa’s most active Tweeters.

How Africa Tweets found that: (more…)

PENGASSAN Statement on shutting down oil production in Nigeria (unedited)

Labour Union Protest Nigeria

PENGASSAN say they will join the strike and protests Midnight Saturday

January 11, 2012


PENGASSAN salutes all her members, patriotic Nigerians and interest groups that have been supportive of the on- going struggle against the recent hike in pump price of premium motor spirit (PMS) aka. Fuel Subsidy Removal.
PENGASSAN remains committed to the ongoing popular and nationwide protests, and will continue to work with every concerned Nigerian group to sustain the struggle until Government respect the sovereign will of the Nigerian people

The resolution of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria say it all by upholding people’s legitimacy.

I am not the face of Fuel Subsidy Removal, says Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Audio)

managing director of the World Bank, attends a session at the WEF in the Swiss Alpine resort town of Davos

I am not the Face of Subsidy

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala tells BBC  some people who do not want her to work for President Jonathan’s administration that are tagging her “Face of Subsidy Removal.” (more…)

Anonymous Group Leak Soft Copy of Segun Adenyi’s New Book

Power politics and Death

The group says it is in public interest that every one reads the book, free of charge

In the spirit of FOI, an Anonymous Nigerian group has made the Word Version of Segun Adeniyi’s book “Power Politics & Death” available online, free of charge.

The Group claims Adeniyi’s account of events in Aso Rock during his stay their as documented in the Book is in the public interest. They said the information in it belongs to all Nigerians since Aso-Rock – source of the information – is “a place belonging to the Nigerian people.”