SURE conceived hastily, no longer workable – Jonathan

Cassava bread President Goodluck JonathanOnce again, as shown by this report on Punch, Nigerians have been unbelievably deceived by President Goodluck Jonathan and his crew. When will we learn never to trust these people? Didn’t we all know SURE was a big lie?

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan on Monday said the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment programme promised by his administration was no longer realistic. (more…)


Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Probe Abracadabra

Fuel Subsidy illusion

Someone has collated the most commonly asked questions in the recently concluded fuel subsidy probe by the House of Representatives and the answers different government officials gave to each question. The answers are so dissimilar it leaves you wondering if these officials worked for the same government.

Read them below.

Farouk Lawan: What is Nigeria’s daily fuel consumption?Diezieni: (more…)

Text of the “Palliative” Broadcast by Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, On Thursday January 19, 2012

Carte de l'état nigérian d'Edo

Edo state

My dear people of Edo State,

In view of the increase in the price of petrol by the Federal Government and the consequential rise in the cost of living, it has become necessary for my Administration to take some crucial measures to cushion the effect on the people of Edo State.

Having followed the debate on the issue of subsidy removal, it is clear to me that the major problem is that the public does not trust that the proceeds will be utilized judiciously.

However, I assure you that in Edo State, this will not be the case. We are determined to ensure that the pains arising from the partial removal of subsidy translate to concrete gains for the generality of our people.

I am convinced that the process of rebuilding this trust between the government and the governed requires that we take concrete, visible and measurable steps aimed at creatively using the accruing revenue to deliver the greatest good to the greatest number of our people in the shortest possible time. (more…)

“The message sent to Nigerians is this: You don’t matter, We don’t value you” Chimamanda Adichie

English: Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the author, most recently, of “The Thing Around Your Neck,” a collection of short stories

ON New Year’s Day, in my ancestral hometown of Abba in Anambra State in eastern Nigeria, my family and I woke up to unbelievable news: the price of petrol had doubled. Overnight, the government had removed what it called the subsidy on fuel, and almost immediately, transport fares exploded and food prices rose astronomically. It used to cost 4,000 naira — about $25 — to fill my petrol tank. Then it cost 10,000 naira. When I stopped to buy okpa, a steam-cooked bean dish, from a street hawker, she said it was no longer 50 naira; it was now 100.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of fuel subsidy.” (more…)

I Regret Supporting Subsidy Removal, Says UN Adviser

JAKARTA/INDONESIA, 13JUN11 - Jeffrey D. Sachs,...

More details are emerging about how the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency misled international figures and experts into endorsing its now controversial removal of subsidy on petrol which initially saw the price per liter rising to N141 with the resulting labour strike and street protests.

One of such international figures is the Special Adviser to UN secretary General on MDG, Professor Jeffery Sachs, an American professor of economics, who visited President Jonathan after the removal of fuel subsidy and was reported to have praised the decision as a good move.


I am not the face of Fuel Subsidy Removal, says Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Audio)

managing director of the World Bank, attends a session at the WEF in the Swiss Alpine resort town of Davos

I am not the Face of Subsidy

Ngozi Okonjo Iweala tells BBC  some people who do not want her to work for President Jonathan’s administration that are tagging her “Face of Subsidy Removal.” (more…)

#OccupyNigeria protester, Ademola Aderinde, murdered in Lagos

  1. Late Ademola, before the protest day.
  2. RIP Ademola aderinde
    Mon, Jan 09 2012 05:05:44
  3. In this picture, Ademola is seen, surrounded by four police officers, in an altercation with the police officers. (more…)