David Mark’s 2015 Presidential Ambition Goes Public

David Mark

Senate president, David Mark

This report culled from Vanguard News suggests that the senate president’s kinsmen – Idomas – have taking his ambition to run for the president of Nigeria in 2015 public.

Although he warned his supporters to stop campaigning for his 2015 election as president of Nigeria at the event, it all seems as part of the script. It is indeed too early to make his ambition public.

As the reporter said, the senate president’s ambition has been an open secret but embarking in this publicity path at this stage of the 2015 election cycle is definitely a no no – it will generate hot politicking that may add more friction to the already stagnated development in Nigeria.

The Report

Even as the Judiciary is yet to finally dispose off litigations arising from the April 2011 Presidential elections, the Idoma people in Benue State have endorsed their son and Senate President, David Mark as the next President of Nigeria come 2015.

The Senate President’s ambition which had been an open secret in political circles reverberated during a reception in his honour by the Idoma League of Professors, ILP, led by Prof. Owoicho Akpa, with Mike Omeri, a former special adviser to the Senate President had canvassed for Senator Mark’s Presidency at the next general election; arguing that the Senate President had the pedigree to lead the nation after President Goodluck Jonathan.

The president of the ILP, Prof Akpa, rallied support for Senator Mark, calling on all Nigerians to support his bid to be elected as the next Nigerian president.

The senate president, however, urged his supporters to refrain from further campaigns and warned that it would be too early in the day to start talking of the 2015, he did not categorically deny having such ambition.



  1. Mark u re welcome for 2015 presidential, We give u our full support because u remain our brother. But we all want u to remenber where u come from. All the best.

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