Month: August 2011

Boko Haram Is Divided

A July 21 report by Vanguard Newspaper suggests that confusion has crept into the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, which has unleashed a reign of terror in the northern part of the country for several months, splitting the sect.

“The sect has split into two factions,” the reports says. “… And one faction, the Yusufiyya Islamic Movement, YIM, has vowed to expose the other faceless group, which it described as evil group.”

The Yusufiyya group is made up of followers of slain leader of the Islamic sect, Mallam Mohammed Yusuf.



Political Support Emboldened Boko Haram

United Nations Building Abuja after the Friday Blast

United Nations Building Abuja after the Friday Blast

Boko haram is not simply a security challenge. It is also a political challenge. It has a political dimension. Recall the rhetoric from Borno Elders describing Boko Haram members as ‘brothers’, blaming the military for escalating the situation and asking the President to withdraw them. It is this political support that has emboldened them and enabled them to overwhelm the security agencies, who by the way lack the capacity to respond to the challenge. The solution must go beyond security response to include political negotiation. It requires a wide stakeholder involvement. It required community engagement. …By Okechukwu Nwanguma


Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry Statement on Libya – Full Statement

Libyan Rebels rejoicing in Tripoli
It is my honour and privilege this morning to inform you that the fed govt has formally recognized the transitional national council (TNC) of libya as the legitimate representative of the libyan people you all would have been watching closely the unfolding situation in libya.

World Leaders’ View on Libya – Storified

Libyan Rebel

International Leaders have been expressing support for the rebels

In this Storify, I have compiled the thoughts of most world leaders on the ongoing Libyan revolution. All that have spoken out did in support of the rebels.

Follow the link to read.

World Leaders’ View on Libya –

IBB or OBJ Who Is A Bigger FOOL? Vote Here

Obasanjo is an incestuous murderer with an infertile mind – IBB

Ibrahim Babangida says Obasanjo is an Incestuous murderer.

We have been inundated with calls from the media and our esteemed friends over comments reportedly made by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Aremu of Ota, to the effect that General Ibrahim Babangida “is a fool at 70”. According to the report, Chief Obasanjo was said to have rolled out series of issues which he considered, in his infertile mind, to be the sins of General Babangida.