The Royal Sculpture of Benin City: you’ll love them, but you need tout permits

Benin Queen

Benin City Royal Sculpture

I was excited about visiting Benin City. Its sculptures fascinated me on my first visit but its touts almost took away the joy. (more…)


Despite Election Promises Nigeria Still Losing N2.5 billion Annually to Indian Medical Tourism

These Nigerians cannot afford medical tourism

These Nigerians cannot afford medical tourism

Good healthcare system was one of the most recurrent election promises of most politicians currently holding offices in Nigeria but months after the 2011 elections, there rarely any signs of sophisticated healthcare system springing up anywhere in the country and a medical tourism expert has this to say in this report by Daily Trust.

Nigeria loses an estimated N2.5 billion annually to medical tourism in India, New Horizon Healthcare Nigeria Limited has said.


The Jos I Met Last Weekend


Jos Entrance gate

I went to Jos last weekend and deliberately didn’t tell any of my family members. Everyone that knew I was going warned me not to; apparently for fear that I might be killed in one of the city’s unpredictable planned killings.

I went anyway for my friend’s traditional wedding. Being a reporter, I had no fear of going to Jos like most people do. Firstly, I have visited many crises zones and found life as normal as it were in places that had never had chronic widespread killings like Jos, Maiduguri, or even Kabul in Afghanistan.

Secondly, I just do not fear death.