Month: July 2012

Nigerian Journalists and ‘Brown Envelopes’ By Elor Nkereuwem

Journalism Statue in Edo state press centre

A critical look at the conduct of the Nigerian journalist (more…)


The Royal Sculpture of Benin City: you’ll love them, but you need tout permits

Benin Queen

Benin City Royal Sculpture

I was excited about visiting Benin City. Its sculptures fascinated me on my first visit but its touts almost took away the joy. (more…)

How Edo voted in Polling Units that mattered

The Action Congress of Nigeria won the recent governoship election in the state. The party won in all 18 local governments and virtually all the polling units.
Interestingly, they won units where People’s Democratic Party heavy weights voted.
Thiskis how they voted in the polling units that mattered.